Our First Testimonial

We are so PROUD. Thanks gang couldn’t have done it without ya!

Here Goes!! Enjoy!!!

May 26, 2019
Hi Tom,
I monitored the repeater Friday evening and from 8 AM yesterday to about 7 PM . I missed a few hours in between. But the activity was pretty much the same all day.

I would say just about all that are using it, are Licensed Amateur Operators. Not all because they did bot use a callsign or identify with a legal one. They almost all appeared to know one another, referring to each other by name. On occasion one unknown to them would enter the conversation, identify and ask a question, and they answered. One trucker was in conversation, but never identified that I could tell. About a third of the conversations were in Spanish or Spanglish so I cannot speak for all the talk but I did recognize several known Spanish curse words.

Much of the day the conversations were interspersed with very fowl language. Part of the time, only for perhaps an hour, the owner W4THM was present on the repeater. He spoke in Spanish one time and signed out. I never heard him again during the day. Almost no identification all day by anyone using the repeater. I copied only 4 legitimate callsigns all day.

The repeater is pretty much unmonitored or policed by the owner. It tends to be raucous with music played occasionally. Cursing is apparent in some conversations. Most never identify and it can be a free for all.?? It could all be handled in my opinion, if the owner monitored and took control once in a while. It gets a little out of hand, not as bad as 7200 on HF but the conversations could be cleaned up with some attention by him.

I copied several callsigns accurately:
Names copied were Milton, Robert, Luciano, Sergio, Eric. Some matched with those calls and some did not.

I accurately copied a couple of callsigns that did not belong to the person I heard(callsign belonged to a YL), were expired(out of state addresses), or did not exist. So I may be wrong, or they have been farmed/pirated.

I am not sure I want to be the one sending OO cards, due to the demeanor of those copied. But the owner needs to be alerted of monitored activities.

Bill Marx W2CQ